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Merchandising Refrigeration

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Product Benefits

convenient capacity.webp

For ultimate storage flexibility, this freezer even comes with 9 epoxy coated shelves with a versatile shelf slide design that can accept full size food pans! Avantco reach-ins are the only models in the industry that come standard with food pan slides. 

convenient capacity

inside of a clean commercial refrigerator

These adjustable shelves are coated with plastic to help keep out moisture and resist corrosion and rusting. Each unit comes with 6 shelves and 24 shelf clips, allowing you to place your shelves exactly where you need them to accommodate your small or large food products.

corrosion-resistant shelves

Black digital wall thermostat

Digital temperature control allows you to easily adjust the temperature of your refrigerator's cabinet within its 33 to 40 degree Fahrenheit range. The controller is preprogrammed to keep the unit in the safety zone (below 41 degrees) to avoid any issues with health inspectors.

digital temp. control

Commercial refrigerator castor

A set of casters provides the unit with convenient mobility, making cleaning and servicing a breeze! Just roll the unit away from the wall.

casters included

Refrigerator fans

Eco-friendly refrigerant

Programmed to maintain temperatures from 33-40 degrees Fahrenheit, this refrigerator ensures that all food products are held in a proper, food safe environment to preserve their quality and integrity. 

Refrigerator Door Lock

In order to keep your foods more secure overnight and after business hours, this unit features a door lock.

door lock included

Stainless steel commercial range
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If you have any questions or would like information please reach us at (510) 651-2799 or email

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