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Storage & Preparation

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Storage Racks
Maximize your floor space
• Wire racks: different depths, widths, and heights.
• Available in both epoxy and chrome finish
• Variety of wall shelves when a rack won’t fit
• Bun racks provide storage and mobility for sheet pans
Storage Containers.jpeg
Food storage containers
Safely store all your food, soups, and sauces.
Food Prep pans & bowls
You will find food pans in every kitchen
​• Comes in 2qt, 4qt, 8qt, 12qt, 18qt, and 22qt
• Available in clear or white and round or square
• Lids sold separately
​• Pans available in full, half, third, quarter, sixth, and ninth sizes
• Depths of 2.5”, 4”, 6”, and 8” (in some sizes)
• Mixing bowls in every size
Cutting boards
No cutting board is a one-size-fits-all
​• Available in plastic and wood
• Different sizes and colors
• Ask for custom cutting boards
Food Safety Products
Keep up to code with these safety products
• Thermometers – leave nothing to chance
• Chemical Test Strips – test water/solution ratio
• Posi-sets – never feel unsafe with unsecure equipment 
Trays & Accessories
Get your staff equipped to make serving a breeze.
• Fast Food Trays – Fast casual and cafeteria
• Bar Trays for serving and cleaning
• Available in smooth or non-skid tops
• Jack stands for large trays
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