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Bar Equipment & Supplies

Back Bar Refrigeration 2.png
Keep your bottles and beers accessible and cold for your customers &bartenders
Back Bar Refrigeration
​• 1-4 doors options & glass doors options too
• Get a stainless-steel top to use as a counter
• Get casters to stay compliant
Beer Dispensers
Beer is an essential part of your offering
​• We can size by length or the amount of kegs
• Let us spec out the manifolds and taps
• Add casters for easy cleaning
bar mat.jpg
Bar Mats
Mats can go in the back or front of the bar
• Create a landing space for your cocktails and shots
• Interlocking mats create soft surfaces for storage
• Available in black, brown, and clear
cocktail station.jpg
Underbar Sinks & Cocktail Stations
Every piece of underbar equipment is essential
​• Serve, chill & clean in one location
• Some sizes and styles in stock
• We can provide 3d models for new bars
Cocktail Prep & Supplies
Always be prepared for a busy night
• Our shakers come in different shapes, sizes, and materials
• Strainers, stirrers, and spouts are a must
• Ensure drink quality with reusable straws
garnish bar.jpg
Garnish Bars
Keep the drinks coming with accessible garnish bars
• Add an ice pack for extra cooling
• Ask us about our first in and first out units
• Extra containers available
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