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Kitchen Utensils & Cookware

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We stock cutlery in every style ranging from chef knives to paring
kitchen knives
​• Every knife has a different purpose
• Keep them sharp with a honing steel
• Hand wash only
​• Pots are in stainless steel or aluminum
• Pans come in non-stick or uncoated
• Our cast iron skillets are pre-seasoned
​• Baking sheets come in full, half, quarter, & eighth
• Available in solid and perforated
• Combine with bun racks for extra storage
We have a wide variety of cookware
Pots, Pans, & Skillets
The essential baking tool
baking pans
Kitchen Utensils
Basting Spoons, Tongs, Spatulas, and Turners
• Basting spoons, portion scoops, and spoodles help with perfect portioning
• Tongs are available in stainless steel and plastic
• Flat and spoon spatulas available in heat resistant
• Turners – We have all the sizes you need
Gloves, Aprons & Towels
Keep yourself clean
• Gloves protect you and your customer
• From bib to waist to dishwashing, we have you covered
• Towels – No mess too big
Timers & Thermometers
Take out the guesswork
• Timers let you multitask and cook to perfection
• Meat thermometers, cook it to the perfect temp
• Keep refrigerator thermometers handy for inspections
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