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Cleaning & Sanitation

Kitchen Mat.png
Floor Mats
Keep your workers safe
• Red kitchen floor mats are for grease slip resistance
• Black bar floor mats are for water slip resistance
• Different sizes and thicknesses available
Every sink has its own purpose
​• 3 compartment sinks are for dish washing
• Prep sinks come with drainboards
• Hand sinks available with splash guards
Match the right faucet to the right sink
​• Pre-rinse faucets go with 3 compartment sinks
• Prep sinks faucets: 8" centers and swing spout
• Hand sinks faucet replacements in stock
Dish Machines
Keep the dish washing in house
​• Available in door or undercounter; high and low temp
• Add clean and soiled tables for door type units
• Ask about our dish cleaning chemicals
Trash Cans & Rubbish Bins
Gotta keep them separated
• We have receptacles for garbage, compost, and recycle
• Stay mobile with trash dollies
• Put your bins in the front of house with matching lids
Bathroom Supplies
Don’t be that business with the dirty bathroom
• Dispensers and disposables available
• Paper towels, toilet tissue, seat covers, and soap
• Baby changing stations in stock
• Wall signs available
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