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All new, powerful, high performance, noodle machines with greater ease of use

Yamato Noodle Machines

Online purchases are unavailable at the moment, please give us a call at (510) 651-2799 to ask for Noodle Machine details and place orders!

Become A Noodle Master

By putting all the complexity into the one system, we simplified noodle making to an extent anyone can make a great variety of great quality noodles with ease. And, with a bit of practice, anyone can produce quality noodles with consistency. In-house production of fresh authentic noodles is now easier than ever!

Bowl of noodles with chicken, egg, veggies, and chopsticks
different color and shapes of noodles

Infinite Varieties

By using different dough recipes, production methods and cutters of different sizes and shapes, you can produce almost unlimited number of noodle varieties.

Fettuccini noodles next to machine attachment
Spaghetti noodles next to machine attachment
Ramen noodles next to machine attachment
Rolling-type commercial noodle machine

Richman Series

“Richmen” is a name for the series of Rolling-type commercial noodle machines designed and manufactured by Yamato. These machines are used in restaurants, restaurant chains and other types of food businesses specializing in fresh craft noodles. Richmen noodle machines are safe, durable, and very easy to use to produce a variety of noodles (e.g. Ramen etc).

SINUCHI Udon Machine

All-in-one machine for Udon and other types of hydration noodle

This machine is designed to be very small and compact, allowing it to be installed even in locations with very little space. With its stylish and beautiful appearance, it is perfect for displaying in front of customers, to let  them directly see the noodle making process, which not only ensures the quality of noodles, but also enhances the entertainment aspect of eating experience.

SINUCHI Udon Machine
BANDOTARO Soba Noodle Machine

This is an all-in-one full production cycle machine designed to make authentic hand-made style Soba noodles from scratch - even varieties produced exclusively from buckwheat flour (i.e. "JUUWARI SOBA") - something ONLY Bandotaro is capable of.

BANDOTARO Soba Noodle Machine

Kitchen workers looking at an iPad

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