Catering, Events & To-Go

Chafing Dishes
​• Available in folding and roll-top
• We carry 4hr and 6hr fuel
• Mix and match food pan configurations
9.23.22 EWT Conact Bar-01-01.png
Beverage Dispensers
​• Available with ice cylinders and fruit infusers
• The most portable way to serve drinks
• In sleek black or stainless-steel designs
9.23.22 EWT Conact Bar-01-01.png
Keep temperature, serve, and display
Quench your attendees’ thirst with style
9.23.22 EWT Conact Bar-01-01.png
9.23.22 EWT Conact Bar-01-01.png
9.23.22 EWT Conact Bar-01-01.png
food transport.jpg
Food Transport
Can’t cook on site? No problem
​• Our warmers keep food hot or cold for hours
• Ask about food carrying bags
• Roll into any event with casters or dollies
Disposable Food Containers
Growing food trends were pointing to to-go. Now they are here to stay
• Kraft boxes, microwaveable/reusable, and clamshells
• Get saucy with our portion cups. Lids sold separately
• Deli containers available in 8oz to 64oz
Disposable Flatware, Cups & Tableware
Complete the to-go package with disposables
• Disposable forks, knives, and spoons
• Cups and lids are a must. Ask about our disposable straws
• Stay classy with our tableware
Aluminum Trays.png
Aluminum Foil & Trays
Trays are great for takeaway catering
9.23.22 EWT Conact Bar-01-01.png
• Trays available in full and half – deep and shallow
• Matching lids in stock
• Food grade foil wrap you can trust